March 28, 2016 Dianrong: People to people loans. Invest in China p2p lending.

    On March 25, the National Internet Finance Association of China officially announced its establishment in Shanghai. Dianrong was elected executive directorship of the National Internet Finance Association of China.

    The association is the highest level national industry self-regulatory organization, initiated by the People’s Bank of China. Representatives of financial regulatory and administrative authorities such as Pan Gongsheng, People’s Bank of China Deputy Governor, Yang Xiong, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Mayor of Shanghai, and Tu Guangshao, Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai, unveiled the nameplate in the launch ceremony, and Li Dongrong was elected to be the inaugural president.

    During the closed-door session attended by all members, Dianrong became one of the 48 elected members of the executive committee, together with Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, among others, and was the only P2P lending company in the executive committee.

    According to the co-founder and co-CEO Kevin Guo Yuhang, the establishment of the National Internet Finance Association of China shows the great importance China’s leadership at the highest level place on the development of internet finance and as a confidence booster, it will significantly stimulate the growth of the industry.

    In addition to emphasizing industry self-regulation and self-monitoring, the National Internet Finance Association of China will actively participate in developing the regulations, rules and standards for the internet finance industry and serve as a bridge between the industry and regulators in industry innovation and development issues to ensure regulators have a better understanding of the market trends and the industry receives timely regulatory guidance that will contribute to the healthy and sustainable growth of the internet finance industry.


    April 28, 2016 Dianrong; Social responsibility actions- p2p loans

    On 23 April, Dianrong participated in the sixth Shanghai Union-sponsored ‘Power Walk’, a charity event which supports a number of causes. The event brought together 676 teams and 3,843 participants (known as warriors) to walk 50 kilometers within 12 hours. Dianrong participated alongside nine other teams and 54 sponsors.

    Taking place in the Pudong district of Shanghai, the route passed a number of major landmarks in the area, starting from the Science and Technology Museum and finishing in the north. Despite the rain, all the participants were enthusiastic as they arrived at the starting point at 7:30am in their kits ready to compete.

    The 50 kilometer challenge required both mental and physical endurance. Such is the challenge that last year, Dianrong’s CFO, Kuang Xuxia, joked that the 90 participants had to be dragged over the finishing line at the end. Faced with rain, wind, blisters and fatigue, many participants questioned whether they could withstand the difficult conditions, but still showed determination to get to the finish.

    Dianrong’s team of volunteers was there, providing water and first aid for the runners.

    This is the second year Dianrong has sponsored the event, providing nine teams and raising RMB 160,000. The donations will go towards supporting development programs in rural areas, including reading initiatives and food aid programs.


    May 28, 2016 Dianrong: 2016 Top Markets Report - P2P loans

    In a recent report by the US Department of Commerce, Dianrong was singled out as a role model in China’s P2P lending industry and for “leading the segment”. In its 2016 Financial Technology Top Markets Report, a market analysis report on the global FinTech sector, the Department also affirmed the significant role played by China’s P2P lending industry, which has attracted much attention in recent years for its rapid growth.

    The report focused on five countries, including China, and analyzed various FinTech segments, such as payments and crowd-funding, with the purpose of understanding and unlocking more export and investment opportunities for US businesses.

    The report pointed out that, as the second largest economy in the world, China has a large consumer base, which offers huge potential for FinTech development. China’s FinTech market currently focuses on payments, lending and bitcoin, with the P2P lending segment growing rapidly.

    The report said, “As of the end of 2015, P2P lending has now topped USD 150 billion or RMB 982.3 billion, four times more than the amount in 2014. China’s P2P lending platforms have cumulatively brokered a total of RMB 1.37 trillion transactions as of the end of December 2015.” It added, “Due to low returns in traditional bank deposits and limits on the movement of money, P2P lending has grown quickly in China,” and that such growth has been fueled in part by SMEs’ need for easier access to loans.

    The report stated that in the early stages of the country’s P2P lending sector, China lacked relevant policies, which led to certain issues in the industry. However, regulators have since released policy drafts to promote the healthy development of the industry. The report added that there are currently three major companies in China’s P2P lending market, “with Dianrong leading the segment.”

    The report also cited data from Wangdaizhijia, saying: in October 2015, the monthly online lending volume of Dianrong reached RMB 120 billion, four times the level achieved in October 2014. Dianrong has 26 offices in China, 300,000 active lenders and generates around RMB 1 billion in new loans monthly.

    Dianrong is a well-known online lending platform and an industry leader with a technological edge over its competitors. Since its launch online in 2013, Dianrong has gained recognition and support from capital markets and traditional financial institutions. In August 2015, Dianrong completed its Series C round of financing led by Standard Chartered Private Equity and raised USD 207 million, setting a record for the largest single investment in the industry up to that time.

    At the Lang Di Fintech conference that took place in China in July this year, Soul Htite, the founder of Dianrong, announced that the company would invest considerable resources into the research of blockchain technology in order to apply it to the discovery of quality assets.

    Regarding the future of the FinTech industry, including P2P lending, the US Department of Commerce summarized, “The emergence of financial technology companies will reshape and improve finance by cutting costs and expanding access to financial services.”


    Dianrong Social Responsibility: Special Education

    Volunteers from Dianrong went to Shanghai Luwan Special Education School, which is affiliated with East China Normal University, to create a huge painting with some of the students. The volunteers, filled with enthusiasm and compassion, had a memorable and fulfilling afternoon with the children.

    Luwan Special Education School is well known for its excellent educational programs. It admits children with moderate to severe learning difficulties, autism and other related disabilities which mean they are unable to attend conventional schools.

    In less than two hours, the children and volunteers created an enormous painting filled with striking brushstrokes and a stunning variety of colors. The volunteers named the piece of art Flowers in Bloom, and it will be displayed in Dianrong’s office to brighten the day of everyone who sees it. The children enjoyed their afternoon and showed an appreciation of beauty, a sharp eye for color and a love of painting!

    The activity is part of a long-term collaboration between Dianrong and Luwan Special Education School that brings volunteers together to touch the lives of children. Dianrong has participated in a number of charitable activities over the years, including donating 400 pairs of shoes to children in Daliangshan (a remote mountainous region in Sichuan Province), assisting grieving mothers from Argentina whose children had passed away, and managing a day of activities with autistic children. In addition, Dianrong has held a 50km charity race called “A Runaway Egg” for the last two years.

    Since its establishment, Dianrong has grown rapidly, but it has not been alone on this journey. In that spirit, it has given back to society as much as it has received, helping more people to lead happier lives. As Soul Htite, Founding CEO of Dianrong, says, financial entrepreneurship should work with the aim of creating a better society. Dianrong therefore firmly believes that only when one goes forth with love and kindness can one’s goals be achieved.


    Dianrong: p2p lending in China.

    Since the scandals of dubious online financial platforms such as Ezubao; Pan-Asian; Kuailu and Zhongjin, netizens have doubted the online financial sector. Offline P2P companies will consider this a problem to deal with.

    On the morning of May 16th, China’s well known newspaper Beijing News published a P2P story on its front page, this was followed up in other major cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen using advertisements on LED billboards and postings in metro stations.

    This type of placement is different from previous ads which featured luxury cars or fancy watches. This placement featured an eye-catching point.

    The appearance of the ads is more of a public service type announcement with captions such as “scream, don’t run!”.

    Although the wording is simple, it resonates well: “P2P is much more secure than you imagine, transactions are clear and there is no misleading marketing!”
    P2P is essentially a person-to-person lending platform. This type of platform is in its infancy in China and has suffered some negative stigma due to unrelated fraud occurrences in the country. Industry insiders believe that the catchphrase “scream, don’t run!” is appealing and positive.

    According to public announcements, Dianrong and Lufax are China’s top two P2P companies and also the executive directorships of the National Internet Finance Association of China. This alliance forms a key connection point with Tiger Global Investment Fund, this fund being an investor in Alibaba, JD.com and many other domestic brands. As of last summer, Standard Chartered Private Equity also invests in Dianrong and undertakes risk assessment in the company as well as providing expert financial knowledge to the company.

    The third aspect of the campaign is to maintain stability by encouraging investors not to run.


    June 28, 2016 Dianrong: Financial Blockchain Marketing News

    On 16 June, Dianrong’s business, Tuan Tuan Zhuan (TTZ), celebrated its second anniversary. According to official data, investment on TTZ’s platform exceeded RMB 10 billion, equating to 58,900 loans and RMB 395 million of returns for investors.

    Data shows that TTZ achieved a compound total investment of RMB 13.27 billion with a growth rate of 91% and accounting for 1.52 million times of investments. Accumulative investment reached RMB 10.4 billion, representing an increase of 266% in the first year.

    TTZ has experienced steady growth since going online in June 2014. As of 31 July 2014, just two months after its launch, investment already exceeded RMB 100 million. By 3 March 2015, it exceeded RMB 1 billion, setting an example for the industry.

    This growth has been supported by the launch of a number of new services such as Beginners’ Group, Progressive Group and Monthly Repayment Group, which provide investors with a number of a new and flexible long-term investment opportunities.

    TTZ has been recognized as an industry leader and has won numerous awards, including a prize by the Sixth Online Finance and Technology committee in 2015 and the 2015 “outstanding product innovation award” by the People’s Bank of China.

    As an industry leader in China, Dianrong has received significant investment from Tiger Global, which has also invested in Alibaba and other big internet companies. In August 2015, it also received C round investment from Standard Chartered Private Equity and China Fintech Fund (CFF), which set the record for P2P investment in China. In March 2016, Dianrong became number two in Shanghai for online financial services and took up a senior position at the newly established ‘China Internet Banking Association’.


    September 28, 2016 Dianrong: Small health care loans. P2P lending.

    On 21 September, people worldwide observed World Alzheimer’s Day, in an effort to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. This deeply troubling disorder is responsible for memory loss and the deterioration of the brain’s cognitive functions in old age.

    In China, there are more than 10 million suffering from dementia, and family members often take responsibility for caring for their loved ones who are suffering.
    Recently, the Shanghai Youth Federation teamed up with Dianrong to launch the ‘Remember to Love When Alzheimer’s Strikes’ campaign in order to raise public awareness about the disorder in conjunction with the Shanghai Elderly Care Centre.

    Dianrong’s founder and CEO, Guo Yuhang, and the VP of the Shanghai Youth Federation were present for the launch of the campaign. At the event, Guo said, “I feel sadness today because, even though I look around and see so many elderly, I think we often forget about this generation and place too much emphasis on the young.

    “I hope everyone can give an hour of their time to help the elderly and support the effort to prevent this terrible disorder. Alzheimer’s is irreversible, but we can give our love and time to those who suffer with it; this is the best medicine.”

    One hundred elderly took part in the event, supported by volunteers from the Huangpu district branch of the Shanghai Youth Federation. Many quietly shed tears during the event.


    Dianrong & KPMG: The best alternative for institutional lenders.

    On 19 September in Beijing, KPMG, one of the big four global accounting firms, published a report on China’s top 50 financial technology companies. Dianrong was selected for its leading technology and innovation, along with other top domestic online finance firms such as Ants Financial Services and JD Finance.

    The report follows the format of KPMG’s top 100 global financial technology companies, and is the first such list to be published specifically for China. The final selection took place after several months of careful consideration. The evaluation committee comprised over 20 senior partners at KPMG China with many years of accumulated experience in the fields of information technology, data analysis, capital markets, risk management, business operations, finance and taxation management, venture capital, and entrepreneurship.

    Mr. Lipeng Wang, Managing Partner at KPMG China, said, “What KPMG understands about financial technology (fintech) companies is that these non-traditional companies use cutting-edge and highly-efficient technologies to give themselves an edge in the market, raising overall efficiency and improving risk management of financial services.” KPMG China indicated that the companies selected this year were all evaluated using six criteria, including ‘Leading Information Technology Applications and Breakthroughs’ and ‘Future Development Potential and Broad Development Horizons.’

    “The companies listed in the China Top 50 are all committed to technological innovation and to promoting the transformation of financial services. They are using technology as a means to resolve existing problems in the financial services sector, and actively probing and utilizing leading information technologies (such as big data, risk modeling, cloud computing, and blockchain), bringing groundbreaking innovation and efficiency to financial services,” KPMG China said.

    Right from the start, Dianrong has been committed to using internet technology to improve the efficiency of the financial services sector. In 2014, Dianrong took the lead with the innovation and development of “TuanTuanZhuan” (Group Investing), a technology platform which matches large groups of investors with a considerable number of their preferred borrowers on a real-time and ongoing basis. Through a real-time matching transaction service function, lending funds are spread out to the borrowers who meet the pre-set lending standards of the lenders, thus facilitating the borrowers’ funding needs and enabling investors to diversify their investments at the same time.

    In November 2015, Dianrong developed a lending product aimed at the food and beverage industry called “Da Shi Dai” (Merchant Cash in Advance), a pioneering mechanism that facilitates borrowing through a daily repayment scheme as opposed to the conventional scheme of monthly basis. This product reduces the pressure on food and beverage management teams to make repayments, meaning they can focus on running their businesses, while helping them to resolve financing issues in the easiest and most expedient way.

    In cooperation with traditional financial institutions, Dianrong is coming to prominence in the industry. By collaborating with Suzhou Bank on their online financial P2P technology, Dianrong helped the bank build a secure, professional, highly-efficient P2P platform, which provides comprehensive consulting and technology services.
    In August 2015, Dianrong received the C round of financing from Standard Chartered PE, and the China Fintech Fund, worth over US$200 million, which has opened up an area of strategic cooperation between traditional financial institutions and P2P.

    Dianrong’s latest project in the financial technology sector came to light at this year’s LendIt China Fintech summit in July. Soul Htite, Founder and CEO, revealed that Dianrong has already completed its blockchain rollout, and the company will continue to invest USD 30-40 million in the development of blockchain applications over the next two years. The company is applying blockchain technology to online lending services, so that more small-and medium-sized enterprises can enjoy borrowing services, which also further reduces financing costs.


    October 28, 2016 Dianrong: p2p loans platform. Alternative investments.

    The renowned rating website, Wdzj.com, and Yingcan Consulting Company jointly released their “Development Index Rating of the Top 100 Online Lending Platforms for October 2016” with Dianrong once again ranked in the top three.

    As the table shows, Dianrong scored 81.49 for “compliance” in October, not only the highest score among all companies listed, but an improvement on the previous month.
    Furthermore, Dianrong scored 68.36 for “transparency”, which makes it a leader in the industry for this metric. With compliance being an increasing priority, high scores in these two metrics across the sector have undoubtedly raised the bar compared with earlier rankings.

    Regulators formally introduced P2P rules at the end of August this year. Just at the end of last month, the National Internet Finance Association of China, an industry association established under the leadership of the People’s Bank of China, released another 96 disclosure standards relating to online financial information and supporting self-regulation systems. At present, various platforms are dedicating a significant amount of effort in the area of compliance.

    As an executive director of the National Internet Finance Association of China, Dianrong has always served as an example to others on compliance and transparency. In an announcement by the Association of the Shanghai Internet Financial Industry in July, Dianrong took first place in a list of information disclosure platforms, and was ranked among the top companies in the P2P industry for the number of items it includes in its disclosures.

    Dianrong’s technology scores are also the highest in the rankings. In fact, since Dianrong first made it onto the list, its technology points have always been higher than other platforms, consistently securing it top spot.
    Dianrong has taken the industry lead in the innovation and development of “Group Investing — TuanTuanZhuan”, a technology platform which matches large groups of investors with a considerable number of their preferred borrowers on a real-time and ongoing basis. Through a real-time matching transaction service function, lending funds are spread out to borrowers who meet the standards of the lenders, thus facilitating the borrowers’ funding needs and enabling investors to diversify their investments at the same time.

    With regard to blockchain, which is at the forefront of current cutting-edge financial technology, founder and CEO of Dianrong, Soul Htite, has said that Dianrong’s infrastructure is now complete, and that the company will continue to invest USD 30-40 million in the development of blockchain applications over the next two years, with a view to applying blockchain technology to online lending services.

    The monthly Development Index Rating of the Top 100 Online Lending Platforms is currently the most widely quoted online lending platform ratings in the industry.


    November 28, 2016 Dianrong: The best alternative for institutional lenders.

    Dianrong’s real P2P campaign was awarded the Golden Award for ‘Best Financial Content Marketing’ at the Content Marketing Awards, known locally at the ‘Golden Awards’, held at Shanghai’s Mercedes Benz Arena on 3 November.

    The ‘Golden Awards’ are highly sought after and have several very strict criteria focusing on areas such as new media, big data and credibility. The judging panel includes a number of independent entrepreneurs and other highly regarded individuals.

    In early 2016, the credibility of the P2P industry was called into question due to scandals involving offline financial business dealings in wealth management. To tackle this perception problem, Dianrong selected well-known and authoritative media outlets, such as the Beijing Times and the Oriental Morning Post to publicise its ‘Defining Real P2P’ campaign, as well as outdoor advertising and other promotions to give the campaign real impetus.

    It takes courage and determination to achieve this level of success and set an industry benchmark. Dianrong’s PR Director, Liu Muyang, proudly noted at the awards ceremony, “Dianrong has set an industry benchmark for P2P business within just three years.”

    Ant Financial, another leading company in the internet finance industry, also won an award.