May 28, 2016 Dianrong Social Responsibility: Special Education

Volunteers from Dianrong went to Shanghai Luwan Special Education School, which is affiliated with East China Normal University, to create a huge painting with some of the students. The volunteers, filled with enthusiasm and compassion, had a memorable and fulfilling afternoon with the children.

Luwan Special Education School is well known for its excellent educational programs. It admits children with moderate to severe learning difficulties, autism and other related disabilities which mean they are unable to attend conventional schools.

In less than two hours, the children and volunteers created an enormous painting filled with striking brushstrokes and a stunning variety of colors. The volunteers named the piece of art Flowers in Bloom, and it will be displayed in Dianrong’s office to brighten the day of everyone who sees it. The children enjoyed their afternoon and showed an appreciation of beauty, a sharp eye for color and a love of painting!

The activity is part of a long-term collaboration between Dianrong and Luwan Special Education School that brings volunteers together to touch the lives of children. Dianrong has participated in a number of charitable activities over the years, including donating 400 pairs of shoes to children in Daliangshan (a remote mountainous region in Sichuan Province), assisting grieving mothers from Argentina whose children had passed away, and managing a day of activities with autistic children. In addition, Dianrong has held a 50km charity race called “A Runaway Egg” for the last two years.

Since its establishment, Dianrong has grown rapidly, but it has not been alone on this journey. In that spirit, it has given back to society as much as it has received, helping more people to lead happier lives. As Soul Htite, Founding CEO of Dianrong, says, financial entrepreneurship should work with the aim of creating a better society. Dianrong therefore firmly believes that only when one goes forth with love and kindness can one’s goals be achieved.