October 28, 2016 Dianrong: p2p loans platform. Alternative investments.

The renowned rating website, Wdzj.com, and Yingcan Consulting Company jointly released their “Development Index Rating of the Top 100 Online Lending Platforms for October 2016” with Dianrong once again ranked in the top three.

As the table shows, Dianrong scored 81.49 for “compliance” in October, not only the highest score among all companies listed, but an improvement on the previous month.
Furthermore, Dianrong scored 68.36 for “transparency”, which makes it a leader in the industry for this metric. With compliance being an increasing priority, high scores in these two metrics across the sector have undoubtedly raised the bar compared with earlier rankings.

Regulators formally introduced P2P rules at the end of August this year. Just at the end of last month, the National Internet Finance Association of China, an industry association established under the leadership of the People’s Bank of China, released another 96 disclosure standards relating to online financial information and supporting self-regulation systems. At present, various platforms are dedicating a significant amount of effort in the area of compliance.

As an executive director of the National Internet Finance Association of China, Dianrong has always served as an example to others on compliance and transparency. In an announcement by the Association of the Shanghai Internet Financial Industry in July, Dianrong took first place in a list of information disclosure platforms, and was ranked among the top companies in the P2P industry for the number of items it includes in its disclosures.

Dianrong’s technology scores are also the highest in the rankings. In fact, since Dianrong first made it onto the list, its technology points have always been higher than other platforms, consistently securing it top spot.
Dianrong has taken the industry lead in the innovation and development of “Group Investing — TuanTuanZhuan”, a technology platform which matches large groups of investors with a considerable number of their preferred borrowers on a real-time and ongoing basis. Through a real-time matching transaction service function, lending funds are spread out to borrowers who meet the standards of the lenders, thus facilitating the borrowers’ funding needs and enabling investors to diversify their investments at the same time.

With regard to blockchain, which is at the forefront of current cutting-edge financial technology, founder and CEO of Dianrong, Soul Htite, has said that Dianrong’s infrastructure is now complete, and that the company will continue to invest USD 30-40 million in the development of blockchain applications over the next two years, with a view to applying blockchain technology to online lending services.

The monthly Development Index Rating of the Top 100 Online Lending Platforms is currently the most widely quoted online lending platform ratings in the industry.