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Dianrong: News about China peer to peer lending

About Us

Dianrong: The best alternative for institutional lenders.

Market Leader

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Shanghai, Dianrong offers small businesses and individuals a comprehensive, one-stop internet platform providing financial information and services supported by industry-leading technology, compliance and transparency.

Dianrong: Fintech Platform. Invest now in personal loans in China Marketplace.


Dianrong operates one of the most advanced internet platforms providing financial information and services in China. The company was also named in 2016 to the executive directorship of the National Internet Finance Association of China led by the People's Bank of China.

Dianrong: People to people loans. Invest in China p2p lending.


Dianrong's sophisticated and flexible infrastructure enables it to design and customize lending and borrowing services, based on industry-specific data and insights, all supported by online risk-management and operation tools. Dianrong’s specific offerings include marketplace lending-related services and fintech solutions.

Dianrong: Chinese Peer to peer lending.


Dianrong's management team includes graduates of Harvard, MIT and Wharton, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs in their own right. A number are former senior banking industry executives.


Dianrong: Chinese Peer to peer lending.

Leadership Team



Dianrong is committed to serving the communities where we live and work. The company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) and volunteer efforts include:

2016: Dianrong staff members actively volunteered at Shanghai Luwan Special Needs School, which is affiliated with East China Normal University. Members of the Dianrong team drew pictures, engaged in classroom activities and organized finance workshops for these children with special needs.

2015: Thousands of Dianrong employees participated in “Power Walk,” a large-scale charity fundraiser, by either walking or assisting with logistics.

2014: Dianrong provided financial support to a grieving Argentinean mother after the death of her son. With Dianrong’s support, she was able to overcome depression and rebuild her small business.

2013: Dianrong donated nearly 1,000 pairs of winter shoes to impoverished children in Daliang Mountains, Sichuan Province, to help them combat the harsh months of winter.

Dianrong also established the “Charity Tuan” product using its advanced technology. All lender funds into this product are directed to assist designated charities carefully verified by the Dianrong employees.

As one of the leading online marketplace lenders in China, Dianrong strongly values giving back to the community in every possible way and in helping through our core belief to "create wealth to do more good."


Shanghai Dianrong Information Technology, which owns Dianrong and its operations, operates under a VIE (variable interest entity) framework. This structure has enabled Dianrong to attract multiple international investors. Dianrong does not have any shareholder with a majority stake or control.

The board is comprised of seven members, including the two co-founders. The remaining members are appointed representatives of the various international investors, each with extensive investing and management experience in the financial technology space.

The shareholders, board and supervisors fulfill their respective duties according to applicable laws and regulations. The board meets on a regular basis to receive updates from management, monitor operations and vote on major issues. Extremely important matters are submitted to shareholders for approval, as per company regulations. Dianrong's supervisors ensure that the board and management act in accordance with their roles and responsibilities.